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The RFSC is staffed by immigrants and refugees who understand the clients hopes and dreams, which makes the RFSC uniquely qualified to help our clients reach their goals. The RFSC hold courses that help our clients adjust to life in the United States of America while honoring their culture. The RFSC provides assistance to Refugees in the King County area. The RFSC has been servicing these communities with an average client base of 1,500 refugees and immigrants served annually.  

Progress has been made, the RFSC rates of success speak for themselves, in recent years 52% of clients in job search programs found employment and 81% that found jobs achieved employment retention (90 days of employment or more).  

The RFSC relies on its gained partnerships with organizations and companies to help our clients gain access to the services they need to become self-sufficient. Our current partnerships are with the YWCA on financial empowerment for LEP groups. The RFSC also partners with the Puget Sound Training Center (PSTC) to link our clients to short-term vocational skills (including certified forklift training). The RFSC also partners with local and community colleges to help clients enroll in useful classes like; ESL classes, I-Best Programs and vocational training. The RFSC would not be possible without our private partnerships and employers like you,

Thank you. 

We would also like to thank our partners: 

-Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)  

-United Way of King County 

-Seattle Foundation 

-Paul Allen Foundation 

-Annie E Casey Foundation 

-Seattle Jobs Imitative 

-Marguerite Casey Foundation 

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1209 Central Ave S, Kent, WA 98032, USA

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