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Refugee Federation Service Center

1209 Central Avenue South, Suite 134, Kent WA 98032

Job Announcement – Bilingual Case Manager

 Special Need: fluent Spanish speakers

Refugee Federation Service Center (RFSC) is a non-profit, multi-ethnic grass-root organization which was established by refugees for refugees/immigrants in 1982.  The mission of the Refugee Federation Service Center is to assist refugees and immigrants in their transition to life in the United States by helping them to become self-sufficient productive members of society while maintaining their cultural and ethnic identity; to serve as a resource for local companies and agencies to foster a greater understanding of the refugee/immigrant communities.

Currently RFSC is seeking for a qualified candidate who has strong desired and commitment to assist refugee and immigrant families to adjust/navigate their new life in this new culture that would help them to become self-supporting and self-reliance.

Position:  Bilingual Case Manager

Duties and responsibilities: The Case Manager has duties and responsibilities to provide:


Wages and Benefits: 37.5 hours per week at $25.66 /hour + full fringe benefits.

Closing Date: Until filled

How to apply:  Submit resume and cover letter to:


                           Attention: Ngy Hul

                           1209 Central Avenue South, Suite 134, Kent, WA  98032

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