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RFSC has been developing employer partnerships for over 35 years and works with employers to ensure that our clients meet their needs. Our strategies also reflect the realities of the labor market in the region and are adjusted as needed.  Employers require employees to have some basic skills and “soft skills.” Almost every job requires some level of computer skills, and teamwork and communication are key soft skills employers require. Clients with very low English skills face challenges to meet even these minimum requirements, so RFSC works with clients to ensure that they have enough basic skills to meet employer requirements Our staff have identified flexible employers who are willing to hire our clients and continue to work on identifying appropriate placements.  Additionally, our employer partners know that our staff will be there for them after placement and for as long as needed. They will help with translation, barrier reduction such as client care and transportation, and conflict resolution. RFSC uses proven strategies to engage and work with employers to support ongoing client success in the workplace.

Not only is it important to prepare applicants for employment, successful employment also involves evaluating and preparing employers to accept applicants who may have limited English speaking ability and work experience in local businesses. Having an online presence can provide an initial impression about your business, its purpose and history, its place in the community, and employee pride and satisfaction. The person involved in hiring should be knowledgeable about your company and the position, acknowledge and welcome candidates, be responsive to their questions and concerns, and positively represent the company. The hiring process should be easy and straight forward for the applicant to understand. The hiring process should be reasonable allowing applicants to know when a decision will be made and provided with timely updates on the application process. Applicants want a realistic preview of the job in addition to the job duties, responsibilities and requirements; a discussion of the day-to-day experiences of a job and an honest discussion, including less appealing realities of it, will avoid later misunderstandings. Applicants want a sense of your organization’s culture and work environment to gauge whether your workplace is in line with their own personal values, whether they fit, and what day-to-day life is like in your organization. Job counselors can help provide employers with the personal and cultural background of applicants and how they might perceive the company.
Job Marketing Specialists (JMS), who are well experienced with the local job market, establish and develop employment opportunities to match participants’ interests, skills, experience, and goals. To reach out to new employers and new job sites, the JMS will take the following steps: 1. The JMS creates an account for the client on the Company website that includes an email address, and password, followed by a client’s profile. 2. JMS will assist the client to complete the Job application process that matches the client’s qualifications and interests. 3. Once the job application is completed the JMS will review to make sure the required information in the application is filled out properly and no information is missing. Afterward, the application will be submitted to the employer.
RFSC Job Marketing Specialist will provide pre-interview coaching to the client prior to the job interview with the employer. The client will be instructed to follow the steps below. One-to-one interaction regarding interview techniques. The Job Marketing Specialist will practice the sample interview questions with the client. The client will be instructed to be on time and have a positive attitude during the interview. Appearance and proper clothing for the interview. Be to the point on every interview question and have eye-to-eye contact with the interviewer. The client will be instructed to ask appropriate questions if needed at the end of the interview and to thank the interviewer for the consideration and opportunity for the position.
The Job Marketing Specialist will follow up with the employer to make sure the client understands the company’s policy, rules, and regulations. The Case Manager or Job Marketing Specialist will follow up with the client and employer very frequently during the first 30 days of employment to make sure the client and employer are happy and satisfied with the job performance. The Job Marketing Specialist will offer the employee and the employer any onsite assistance they may need.
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