Using zoom as a guest:

1 - Navigate to the zoom page under our "more" section. 

2 - Go to the section that has your meeting type listed above the buttons (ensure the button you select has the correct staff member's name.)

3 - Select the video icon. Then from the zoom page select "launch meeting"

4 - Zoom will prompt you to download, confirm this download (this is your video connection link).

5 - After the download, Zoom.com will prompt you to join with audio, select the first option.

6 - You may have to wait for the meeting creator to either let you into the meeting or for the meeting creator to start the meeting.

How to schedule a meeting (for account holders):

1 - Log on to your Zoom.com account

2 - There are two options the quickest is to navigate to the top right where it says schedule a meeting.

3 - From there you will seem many areas to fill in, name the meeting on the "Topic" bar.



4 - Set a time, use the "When" bar to set a date you can ignore duration and time zone, but select if the meeting is reoccurring (check the box) or not (leave empty).

*The site is set you automatically generate the meeting ID you will be able to find what it is after you have saved the meeting*

5 - Enter a pass code or passphrase on the "Security" tab.

6 - Select save.

*You may learn how to get the meeting link copied for use on this page on the Technical Document uploaded on the "Staff Files" page.

Using the input features in a zoom call:

1 - locate the icon for the input you wish to use.

2 - on the icon there is a chevron in the top right. select the chevron.

3 - ensure the check mark is on the correct audio input. if not simply click the one you wish to use.



Chat is also another feature you can use to get around the audio use. 

You may also record the meeting; the meeting joiner should accept the recording prompt to continue, or they will be kicked from the host meeting.

You can save the recording at the end of the meeting by accepting cloud storage or internal storage.

Link with video: Starting a cloud recording – Zoom Support


This can be accessed on the recordings section of zoom if you chose cloud recording.

In the Zoom call there is a large green button on the bottom middle of the video screen this will allow users to share what is on their screen by selecting the screen or tab on their browser they wish to show, however the host may choose to limit who can use this feature.

How to interact on zoom:

The emoji section (icon with a smiley face) allows users to interact by raising a virtual hand to ask questions or give a thumbs up to indicate understanding. there are many more mood related responses that Zoom offers, but these are the most relevant topics.

Are my audio inputs working?

To test your audio input:

1 - Find the chevron on the microphone icon and click it once.

2 - Find the "test my mic" button near the bottom of the list. click once.

3 - Speak into the microphone to see if there is any change on the grey bar.

*If there is no change then that could mean your audio is not connected properly, follow the directions under the "Zoom FAQ" page section "Using the input features in a zoom call:" for further solutions. *

4 - close the test.

Why is my connection choppy?

There are two main reasons why your connection is choppy.

Option 1: you are in an area with low bandwidth and should run the internet speed test using the link below.

Option 2: You have too many "Windows", Tabs or Apps open for your device to efficiently handle video processing, in this case simply close everything that isn't the Zoom call.

zoom schedule p1.png
schedule meeting p 2.png
schedule meeting p3.png
schedule meeting p4.png
schedule meetignn p 6.png
zoom dowload.png
launch meeting.png
join with audio.png
audio video icon use.png
audio selection check.png
share screen.png
test microphone .png
audio test.png
microphone test.png
button zoom.png

*How do fix the audio issues?*

 Click this link to assist you on any audio issue step by step https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/sections/200319096-Audio

*Testing your video*

 Here is a step by step directions on how to test your video 


*Where do I download the latest version of Zoom?* 

  You can download the latest version from Download Center - Zoom

*testing your internet speed*

you can check your internet speed with this link to ensure you are able to have a successful zoom meeting.

Speed Test by Speedcheck - Test your internet speed