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New Portuguese Speaking Case Manager

RFSC has hired a new Portuguese speaking case manager who also speaks French and African languages of  Ibinda and Lingala.

New Spanish speaking Case Manager

RFSC hired a new case manager to assist Spanish speaking refugees.

Multi-Lingual Case Manager

Current positions are filled, but applications are accepted to keep a pool of available and interested persons.

Facility Maintenance Training

RFSC conducts training for hotel and apartment preventive maintenance; applications accepted even when class is filled.

Basic Computer Training

RFSC has open enrollment for basic computer training in Microsoft Windows and Office Excel and Word.

RFSC was organized and created by refugees to support and promote their successful resettlement in America.

RFSC is governed by a board of directors representative of the refugee community being served.

RFSC is a service provider recognized by the State of Washington, Office of Refugee and Immigration Assistance.

RFSC is incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1982 under the laws of the State of Washington.

The mission of Refugee Federation Service Center is to assist refugees and immigrants in their transition to life in the United States by helping them become self-sufficient productive members of society while maintaining their cultural and ethnic identity, and to serve as a resource for local companies and agencies to foster a greater understanding of the refugee communities withing the Puget Sound area.

In 1982, Southeast Asian refugees representing their communities through Mutual Assistance Associations (MAAs) came together to seek a solution to the lack of bilingual/bicultural services for refugees. Southeast Asian Refugee Federation Service Center (SEARF) was born as a true grassroots not-for-profit organization, staffed and managed exclusively by refugees for refugees. In order to continue to embrace new refugee families arriving from other parts of the world, most of whom have common needs and challenges, the SEARF changed its name from the Southeast Asian Refugee Federation to Refugee Federation Service Center (RFSC). Our primary purpose is to provide services to all refugee/immigrant family members so they are better able to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams, one of which is to become productive members of society while maintaining their cultural identity.

We have been one of the prominent providers of services to refugees seeking resettlement in King and Pierce Counties. Our results include assisting refugees learn English to better enable them to integrate their daily lives with the communities in which they live, job skills and employment referrals to achieve economic self-sufficiency, counseling and coaching for adjusting to a new life in King County.

We are located at 1209 Central Ave. in Suite 134, Kent, Washington accessible by bus route 160. Open hours 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Phone: 253-852-5150

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We provide FREE comprehensive quality personal services
ProfesSIONAL and Personal

Our staff at RFSC is able to communicate in several languages assisting clients with free program services, basic life skills, computer literacy, citizenship, employment referral and counseling, and Environmental Education.


1209 Central Ave S. Suite 134
Kent, WA 98032